TalkBomb is the brain child of Will Rogers, Bobby Koester, and Kristen Rogers Anderson.

It all started back in 2012 with the launch of our first podcast ever: Will and Bobby Know Everything! Will and Bobby had been writing partners for years, but due to both their laziness and inability to complete a project to their own satisfaction, they never got any of their scripts produced. Eventually Bobby moved to New York City, and since they didn't get to hang out as often as they used to, they needed an excuse to get together, and WBKE was born.

After a year of recording amorphous, weird shows about nothing, Will and Bobby decided to start trying to make writing a priority, or at least their love of writing, and so they started their second show: Studio Rejects. Originally conceived of as a place where their writing could get a second life, Studio Rejects evolved over the course of two years until it became an absurd mash up of bad impressions and worse writing.

Kristen, Will's sister, had always been one of the best guests to have on WBKE, and eventually she and Will decided to start up a podcast of their own where they could hang out, talk about pop culture, and read some cool books. Book Club Shmook Club hit the internet and added a little culture to the party.

Suddenly and accidentally there was a strong line up of comedy shows, so Will, Bobby, and Kristen decided to bundle them all up and create a banner under which they could create whatever they wanted and keep it all in the same club house. TalkBomb is a place for making weird jokes, talking loud as hell, and exercising your creativity!