First Things First (I'm the Realist)

I've decided that 3 podcasts, and multiple secret side projects just aren't enough for me. I might want to write good old-fashioned blog posts/essays again.

Being that the internet is eternal, but tastes change, I've got several old blogs that are now little more than ghost towns. Even still, I'm a completionist, and I want all my writing to be housed under the same roof.

I had considered for a while, simply posting a link to my older blog(s), but I quickly decided that I'm far too obsessed with structure to do that, so instead I've completely imported all my old posts, essays, and Scary Story Times right here on! From this point on, everything will be new, and I will not shackled to my past writing, nearly all of which is available just beyond this sort of transitional post.

I'm sure a lot of the old stuff is going to be embarrassing, but everything always is, right?

I think it's worth your time.

Now then, time for something new!