We've had some pretty incredible hosts over the years. Many have been on several episodes, some have even contributed their talents to making our shows better. We love each and every one of them, so please please make sure you check out their shows and personal projects!

Mike Costa: Mike designed the banners on WillAndBobby.com, including the amazing cartoon heads! Mike also designed the Studio Rejects logo and has a portfolio of his work that you NEED to check out and share! Hosted WBKE Episodes 1; 12; 69, 100

Tommy Becker: Wrote the original WBKE theme song, heard in episodes 1-47! Hosted WBKE Episodes 2; 38

Sam Short: Hosted WBKE Episode 3

Sara Mercadante Rove: Hosted WBKE Episodes 4; 79

Alex Silverii: Hosted WBKE Episodes 5; 52

Kristen Rogers: Writes for XO Jane, hosts Book Club Shmook Club, hosted WBKE Episodes 6; 7; 17; 18; 35; 39; 53; 67; 91; 94; 133

Igor Brodsky: Hosted WBKE Episode 8

Frank Barbiere: Writes 5 Ghosts; Hosted WBKE Episodes 9; WBKE Live; 57

Sarah Van Auken: Actress; Hosted WBKE Episode 10

Matt Battaglia: Graphic artist, writes/draws Crimson Beard; Hosted episodes 11; 12

Allie: Sr. Blood Correspondent, Hosted episodes 13, 23; WBKE Live; Worst Movie; 36; Halloween; 63; 87; 94, 99; 123; BCSC: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Evan Giller: Hosted episode 14

Richard Rogers: Hosted episodes 15; 15.5; 34

Kathleen Rogers: Hosted episodes 15; 15.5; 35

Evan Lindemann: Tattoo artist at Revolver tattoo in New Brunswick, NJ; Hosted episodes 16; 47

John Cooper: Hosted episode 19

Michael Palmer: In the band CMYK; Hosted episodes 20; 21; 46; 75; 94; 97

Anthony Walker: Musician; Hosted Episodes 24; 50

Pete Kulcsar: A walking vat of trivia knowledge and movie quotes that are frequently inserted into casual conversation. He is slowly accepting the fact that he is a hipster. instagram: @probablywontusemuch twitter: @ExecptionalFail : Hosted episode 26

Dave Link: Dave is a photographer and has taken many of the photos seen on WB2045.com!; Hosted episodes 27; 85

Erika Simonelli: Hosted episodes 28; 29

Mike Schin: Hosted episode 31

Kelly Bourdet: Writer; Hosted episode 32

Max Rose: Formally a portrait artist, muralist and illustrator, Max switched gears from painting and drawing to computer graphics in 2011, focusing primarily on 3D animation and visual effects.  Max is now a full-time 3D animator and visual effects artist. Max’s hobbies include: struggling to read music, speaking foreign languages very poorly, feebly trying to wrap his mind around programming, and being frustrated while playing tennis. Hosted episodes 33; Worst Script

Matt Van Auken: Hosted episodes 40; 90; 112117

Jamie Silverstein: Hosted episode 90

Fetish Jade: Dominatrix; Hosted episode 41

Joe Erdely: Hosted episode 42

Dan Kasinec: Hosted episodes Halloween; 60

James Palmer: James was lucky enough to work as a pizza boy, and he was the best damn pizza boy this country had ever seen. Unfortunately, his talents were wasted on a strange array of awful folks. Tune into his episode to hear more about the wonders of the food service industry, specifically the aspect where you walk into a perfect strangers house. The stories get weird.; Hosted episode 44

Gordon Baker-Bone: Hosted episode 48; 49

Kitty Curtis: Hosted episode 51

Stephen Puliafico: Steve Puliafico is a PhD student in Clinical Psychology and some other things that aren't as boring. The two time* winner of bootleg Chinese DVDs from WBKE, and self-proclaimed "BIGGEST WBKE FAN, LIKE, EVER"**, he is one of our most beautiful and treasured guests. He definitely isn't needy enough to write that last part himself. Please, pay attention to him on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/stephen.puliafico.7, ya know, if you want. No pressure.

* please update in the case of future victories

** I hereby proclaim this right now

Hosted episodes 54; 55; 58; 59; 68; 80; 133

Iris Harris: Hosted Episodes 58; 59; 133

Jesse PS: Host of Podawful and creator of the Podawful Channel: Hosted episodes 62; 66; 74; 84

Alex Dawson: Creator of Raconteur Ventures: Hosted episode 70

Cryndsey Reese: Hosted episodes 71; 87

Jason Hooft: Creator of 3kb on YouTube: Hosted episodes 72; 78

Sean Louis Rove: Graphic designer: Hosted episode 79

John Moore: Hosted episode 89

Marc Laurano: Marc writes nonfiction short stories, which he enjoys reading at story telling events; such as the one hosted by Will and Bobby at his cafe, Ruthie's: Appeared on episode 94

Zeynep UzumcuAppeared on episode 94

Dan DufalaAppeared on episode 94

Dan LarkinsAppeared on episode 94

Starky MorilloAppeared on episode 94

Tim JSAppeared on episode 94

Christopher Metcalf, Harry McNamara, and Robert James Passaretti: Creators of Rafferty Productions; Hosts of RaffCast: Our Three not-so-heroic heroes sit down with mics, beers, and a guest to bullshit about their lives, make fun of the news, and make fun of each other. They also like to play games. So tune in with your beer and drop in on our conversations. Hosted episode 98, 108