Kristen Rogers Anderson, a human and writer from New Jersey, is the creator and host of the podcast Book Club Shmook Club along with co-host Will Rogers. When Kristen is not teaching yoga or mixing colors in her salon, she can usually be found drinking home-made wine and watching Real Housewives with her husband Ryan, and her little animal friends Crumbs and Chloe.

In addition to recording podcasts, Kristen writes about living your best life, Oprah-style, on Instagram and Facebook

In addition to every single episode of Book Club Shmook Club, Kristen has appeared on the following podcasts:

Will and Bobby Know Everything 


Get off My Lawn You Geeks

Episode 13

For the brief time that it existed, Kristen was the side-kick on Will's attempt at a YouTube late-night show: Up Late with Will Rogers, where she also wrote the sketch comedy segments.

You can find Kristen on Twitter (@ChillinKristen) and contact her at!