New Website, Old Podcasts!

Welcome to our brand new website! This is where Bobby and I are going to be posting content that we can't really do on the podcast itself!

Bobby and I are going to be posting things we've seen around the internet, stupid shit that pops into our heads, and also brand new video content about once a month.

So add this site to your favorites, put it in your bookmarks bar, or add it to your RSS feed!

You'll notice on the side bar that you can click on different categories.

Click on "Will and Bobby Know Everything" to get posts specifically about the podcast. Each week there will be a post about a new episode with possible background information or pictures.

You can also click on "Will Rogers" to get content written specifically by me, or "Bobby" for content specifically written by him.

In case you're new to this whole thing, below I've added links to each show we've already done. Just click on an episode to listen straight from your browser, or search for "WBKE" on iTunes or Stitcher (which is a free smart phone app) to find the show and listen on an iPod or phone!

But remember to check out a NEW episode of WBKE coming this Sunday!

SNEAK PEEK: WBKE - Episode 1 (In case you want to try us out before you commit)

WBKE - Episode 1: Public Speaking

WBKE - Episode 2: Crime

WBKE - Episode 3: The Work Force

WBKE - Episode 4: Dating

WBKE - Episode 5: The Supernatural

WBKE - Episode 6: Crazy People Part 1

Thanks! And remember that you can send any comments, questions, or REQUESTS TO HOST A FUTURE EPISODE to us directly at