WBKE - Episode 19: The Madness of Dr. Tanzler

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything we're joined by our buddy Cooper as we discuss magic, music, and madness. That's right.

We're talking about Penn & Teller!

We're talking about Michael Jackson!

And then we delve into the horror, the weirdness, and the madness of Dr. Carl Tanzler!

I can't warn you guys strongly enough that the story of Dr. Tanzler is not for the easily disturbed, the feint of heart, or anybody with a weak stomach. It's truly bizarre and disgusting. More than that, it's a true story! Seriously: here's the Wikipedia article, complete with pictures!

Anyway, enjoy the show and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments!

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Episode 20 (and news of our upcoming LIVE EPISODE) coming next week!