WBKE - Episode 23: Travel

This week on WBKE, my girlfriend Allie is back on the show to talk about her experiences in travelling around the world. One of them is mind-blowingly amazing, and I guess the other one is too...It's just also incredibly fucked up.

On the show, we typically try to separate repeat-appearances of a guest host by about 10 episodes (unless we're doing a two-parter). That being the case, the last time Allie was on the show was for Episode 13, and coincidentally the day this new episode is going online happens to not only be the day that Allie and I are moving into our first apartment together, but also on her 25th birthday!


So in all likelihood, as you listen to this show, Allie and I are setting up our place (including an office that I'll use as a fancy little recording studio)!

Maybe you want to help make her day by checking out her Etsy Store: Color Bloc!

But anyway, listen to this episode, it's so goddamn funny. I'm absurdly proud of it:

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Episode 24 next week!