WBKE - Episode 26: The Snake: The Most Incredible Creature on this Planet

Welcome to the 26th episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything! It's not really an official landmark, but this episode represents six solid months of WBKE!

Kind of cool, right?

Anyway, we're joined this week by our buddy Peter to talk about:

Killer whales being assholes, freak shows, snakes, boobs, and strangely enough, we bring Goosebumps up again.

So as usual:

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There are also a couple more fun things that Bobby and I have for you:

Last week I posted the Part Three of Will and Bobby Wrote Something, which ends the explanation of one show and begins another! Click here to read it!

And we did Will and Bobby Know Everything LIVE last week! It was weird, fun, and encouraging enough to make me want to do it again. We told some stories that aren't featured on the regular podcast, so click here to go watch it! You can even just leave it running in an alternate tab and listen to it, I guess!

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Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy the show.

Episode 27 next week!