Thanks again, Reddit!

Well, after years of falling down various youtube rabbit holes, after years of realizing it's 3:00 am and I've been watching other people play video games for hours, after violently waking up to find a seemingly endless supply of Chinese food caked to my entire body which in turn has been caked to the couch, I've finally made my way over to the Legend of Zelda page on Reddit. That being said, I"ve found some real beauties. As apparent here, when asked whether or not one could conquer the quest in Ocarina of Time (which is to stop while you still can) given one's current physical condition, one adult child said he "...would probably just end up chilling with Gorons or Zoras the whole time." This is fantastic news, everyone. Finally, we can rest assured that someone out there other than William wants to chill with Gorons or Zoras the whole time. View the full thread here, but remember: you can never come baaaaaack.

I hate everything.