WBKE - Episode 40: Health, Wellness, and Goats

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything we're joined by our old friend Matt Van Auken, who tells us all about his experiences in med school, and his youthful experiences of being a man who wears a loin cloth. Also look out for Bobby telling us how long it's been since he last drank milk, and my casual encouragement that a particular person should just be murdered. I may or may not have re-thought that position. It's a goddamn good show, so check it out and spread the word! Here's how to listen:


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We're also excited about starting up a BRAND NEW WEEKLY CONTEST! In a nutshell, we want you guys to send us as awesome a piece of trivia as you can drudge up, related to the shows topic! If we pick yours, we send you a prize! An actual physical prize! So for this week's contest, send us any info you have about Hoarders! You know what? How about this: send us a cool piece of trivia OR a personal experience! Just email us at WillAndBobby@gmail.com with your trivia/experience!

I'm excited about this, and you're going to love/hate the prize! We're not going to tell you what the prizes are except to say this: they're weird.

Alright, thanks guys, enjoy the show!

Episode 41 next week!