WBKE - Episode 44: Ghost Pizza

Hey guys, welcome to this week's episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything! Jamie Palmer joins us for a conversation that starts out about college, but ends up about Pizza, and quite frankly, I have no idea how to summarize this show. I'll give it a shot, though: Jamie tells us terrifying stories of his days as the fastest pizza boy in the world, when creepy guys would make him actually enter their apartments to deliver a pizza.

I tell a story about an insane roommate I had for my Rutgers orientation, who had been stabbed in the ass a couple days prior.

And Bobby talks about how at his college orientation, people actually died. He also cries over Ghost Dad I think.

ANYWAY, here's how you can here this amazingly funny show:


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I hope you enjoy the show guys, I was fucking laughing while editing it.

Episode 45 next week!