Studio Rejects: Scream 3 Part 1

Welcome to the premiere episode of our brand new podcast Studio Rejects! For months, Bobby and I have been scouring the internet for the best/worst scripts that never got produced! We're happy to say that we have quite a few lined up, but first things first:

We're starting with the second draft of the movie Scream 3. Listen as we read and dissect this incredible, confusing, awful story. You can read along with us by clicking HERE! It's not a requirement to read along, but it'll almost definitely add another layer to the insanity!

So click here to listen! You can also find us on iTunes and the Stitcher smartphone app!

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We need to give a huge THANKS to the band Murder By Death for letting us use their song Rumbrave as the theme song. It's an amazing song, and you need to check them out. Click here!

It's going to be a weird and funny journey you guys, I can't wait for you to see what happens next!

Episode 2 next week!