WBKE - Super Secret Special Episode: Bobby Edition

Hello game/car/pod friends out there! If you follow our show AND I KNOW YOU DO, you'll know that last week, I (Bobby) was to present my solo cast, as Will took a week off from the show. I did not do that, however, because I was a pussy wussy and couldn't actually get my computer to work. WHICH is most of the problem regarding the extreme lateness in posting this episode tonight! Click on DIS to listen directly in your browser!

That's right, I'm now presenting my solo show, done alone in my room hovering right above a mess of soggy tacos I had delivered to my apartment. This week's show is a little shorter, not as funny, a little more out there, but still definitely entertaining. If one thing's come of it, at least I've gotten used to using garage band and what microphone settings do what!

And DIS is itunes!

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