WBKE - Episode 70: The Cool Boys

Welcome to a very special episode of Will and Bobby Know Everything. Special because of how goddamn good the conversation is, and special because of how awful the audio quality is. Please bear with us, we'll have it sorted out for next week's show. But the good news is that our guest Alex Dawson carries with him an amazing breadth of knowledge, and honestly, this is a great conversation for me personally and for the show as a whole. Frankly, maybe we were getting a bit above our station with our conversations about how to balance your life, how to create, and why our past is important. Maybe the audio needed to be so scratchy to bring us back to where we belong. YOU TELL US!
And please go check out all the amazing events coming courtesy of Alex Dawson. He does an incredible job of hosting a staggering amount of wild events. Puppet shows, radio plays, films, readings, secret clubs, all of them unique and engaging. Be like me and get to it!

And then:

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Episode 71 next week!