Studio Rejects: McGoop


BOOM, friends! Welcome to this week's SECOND episode of Studio Rejects! We just wrapped up Freddy vs. Jason on Tuesday (click here if you missed it!), so now we are of course examining some poor writing of our own, before we start up another amazing movie next week. The project we've got for you this time is one which we've never talked about in any show, or in any Will and Bobby Wrote Something  post: McGoop

I don't want to say anything more. Click here to listen!

We actually have a ton of documents to read along with this episode, so I've put them in order here. Check them out, see our weird handwriting:

1 McGoop - With Outline

2 McGoop.docx

3 McGoop - The Informant's House

4 McGoop - Random Ideas

5 McGoop - Small Outline

6 McGoop - Out on a Date

7 McGoop - Getting Fired Notes

8 McGoop - Original Ideas on Place Mat


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A brand new movie starts next week!