Introducing Book Club Shmook Club! A Brand New Podcast!

Hey everybody, it's me, Will, and I'm pumped to tell you that I'm featured on a brand new podcast hosted by one of my favorite WBKE guests of all time. Also one of my favorite people. Also my sister: Kristen Rogers! Book Club Shmook Club Logo

Book Club Shmook Club is somewhat what it sounds like, we'll be picking a book to read, chopping it into bits, and then discussing each bit every other Thursday!

We recorded an introduction to the show, so since I'm already explaining too much, how about I stop typing and you start listening?!

Click here for a taste of Book Club Shmook Club!

Pretty great, right? As you heard, the first book we're reading is Doctor Sleep, Stephen King's sequel to The Shining! We'll be kicking off the show proper with the first 10 chapters (that's about 54% for you e-bookers), on Thursday, November 14th, so you've got some time to grab a copy and read along.

We're going to be having a damn good time on this show, so I highly advise that you start reading, we're going to have a lot to say, and we're going to want to hear what you think, as well!

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