Studio Rejects: Godzilla Part Six


Oh no! It's time for Godzilla to attack again! But don't worry, he'll only do this once more...Because this is the penultimate episode of our Godzilla read-through! This week things get...weird. How big is Godzilla? What the fuck were they thinking doing all this stuff with the eggs? Exactly how did this get made!? FIND OUT AND ENJOY! Click here to listen!

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Also, as mentioned on this week's WBKE (95: Eldered Skeltered), we've got a contest running! The Baker's-Dozen Days of Bobby! Every week for the next 13 weeks, we're giving away amazing chinese bootlegs of incredible movies! All you have to do to enter is share our website, facebook page, or any show with your friends online! Tag us, send us proof, and you're entered! That's it! This week we're giving away Martin Scorsese's classic Gangs of New Chinese!

Part Seven next week! The end!