Studio Rejects: Godzilla Part Seven - THE END


This is it! The finale! It's over! OVER! Godzilla is going down in this week's Studio Rejects! AND his/her brood of babyzillas! But what are the circumstances surrounding his collapse? How did the humans end up besting this 10ft/100ft tall beast? You'll have to listen to find'll also have to listen to find out what we think of the script overall. Did we suddenly decide we love it? After six solid weeks of absolute disgust, do we change our minds? Perhaps we're the biggest Godzilla fans in the world now! FIND OUT NOW (also...spoiler: this fucking movie sucks).

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NOW THEN, as you will hear, Bobby and I have recorded our first ever hit single. A cover of someone else's hit single...which was also a cover. It's Come with Me from the Godzilla soundtrack. Sung by Puff Daddy. Do you love it? Of course you do, we spent literally four hours making it! If you want to listen to it nonstop, just check out the song over on our Soundcloud page! ENJOY!

Come with Me and Bobby on Soundcloud!

Or watch and listen to the original music video! Look how well we did, even though we couldn't spontaneously burst into a flock of doves!

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Next week, something new! In many ways! STUDIO REJECTS IS GETTING A FACELIFT!