Krissy Pulls Ahead!

Everyone, pretty exciting stuff is going down!

One of our founders, Kristen Rogers (of Book Club Shmook Club fame), has just accomplished something pretty big.

Kristen has been writing for for a while now (see?), all articles about being a hairdresser, offering tips and opinions. Her most recent article is about having conflicting feelings about working as a stylist in the beauty industry, when the beauty industry is responsible for creating the idea that you can never look good enough. It's a fantastic read, an interesting idea, and offers something to really think about.

Well guess what!? People took notice, and this article was reposted to, part of the Gawker network of sites, AKA one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the internet (I think...I have nothing to back that claim up). 

Kristen has taken another step on the path to immortality! Check out the article, share it, and enjoy!

A huge congratulations to Kristen!