WBKE 141: Evil's On The Menu - Halloween 2014


Aww yeah, Halloween has come at last! On the fourth and final episode of WBKE's Spooktober, Will and Bobby share their personal tales of all the Halloween's past! Who were they? Wait, what the hell were they?

ALMOST more importantly, we have a special announcement! WB2045 has released a very special bonus podcast available at WB2045.BandCamp.com! Will, Bobby, and Kristen sit down and play a Choose Your Own Adventure game, tell terrifying tales about men with special pants and Urkel, and make the holiday a goddamn blast! Get it RIGHT NOW!

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Episode 142 next week!

Feel free to send comments or questions to us at WBKE@WB2045.com, and we'll be sure to get back to you!

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