WB2045 Halloween 2014 Round Up!

The founders of The WB2045 Podcast Network have unleashed their first ever holiday show! Join @WillRogers2000, @BobbyKoester, and @KrissyPajamas for a podcast about the nature of Halloween, the fools who hate it, and the satanists who worship it! This special episode takes the WB2045 crew to Hell, and to a town full of ghouls and witches! And also to Urkel's house! 

Pay what you think we deserve!

Our recommended price is a simple THREE DOLLARS, though if you're sneaky and crafty, you'll find you can donate whatever you want! This is more than a holiday celebration! It's another incredible comedy show from the people that bring you Will and Bobby Know Everything, Dark Future, Studio Rejects, and Book Club Shmook Club every week! It's a thank you to you, the listeners, for joining us for our shows, and an opportunity for you to give back, by donating a little something to us, helping us maintain our servers, keeping WB2045 running for years to come!

Remember, WB2045 Presents: Halloween 2014 is only available in one place:


We've also dug deep into Halloween on the other shows on the network!

Will And Bobby Know Everything celebrated all month with 4 themed episodes that challenged us to reveal our tastes, exercise our creativity, and dig deep into our pasts!

WBKE 138: The Man With No Lips

WBKE 139: Bobby Loves The Leprechaun

WBKE 140: Mother vs. Monster

WBKE 141: Evil's on the Menu - Halloween 2014

Studio Rejects was not only Halloween themed for the holiday, but for the franchise! We read one of the original scripts for the much despised Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, and wrapped up the month with our thoughts on how we'd reboot the series if Dimension paid us for the job!

Halloween 666: Part 1

Halloween 666: Part 2

Halloween 666: Part 3

Halloween 666: Part 4

The Future of Halloween

And Book Club Shmook Club celebrated with some CLASSIC horror books! Yes, we very obviously read the amazing The Shining by Stephen King, but we also started October with an episode all about Rosemary's Baby!

Rosemary's Baby

The Shining: Part 1

The Shining: Part 2

The Shining: Part 3

The Shining: Part 4

WB2045 has had an amazing month, producing all of these shows for you guys, and we really hope you've enjoyed listening to them! All the shows together make up almost a full 24 hours of amazing audio, so deprive yourself of sleep and marathon them all!

Happy Halloween everyone!