WBKE 108: Down With The Clown


Hey clowners, welcome to this week's WBKE featuring the hilarious guys from RaffCast! We recorded not one but TWO shows with the guys, so you can essentially consider this Part One with Part Two to happen over on RaffCast in a couple weeks.  

Anyway, this week Bob spills the beans on why it's fucking infuriating to work in a bar, and we talk therapy, mysteries, anger, and how to get rid of it. Sounds way less hilarious than it is. This is probably one of my favorite shows we've yet done, so ENJOY!

Oh and PLEASE share/back this amazing kickstarter by a couple of guys who did a shot-by-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark back in the 80's! They need to finish their movie!!

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Episode 109 next week!