#NBCPlayground Submission! A scene from "Idea Men"

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Last but certainly not least, enjoy this strange scene from what would have been Idea Men. As you can see, it differs from Young & Dumb as we are meant to be older (we're playing ourselves...think Curb Your Enthusiasm or Louis), and instead of the classically scripted style, this is all improvised, though we have a goal in mind. I love a lot of this. I hate some of this. But that was part of the fun of trying. Attempting for once to produce something for people to watch and laugh at, while getting to scratch a personal itch. I want to make something huge of Idea Men. In many ways, it's kind of a sequel to Young & Dumb, but at this point I'm rambling. I could of course talk about this for hours, but instead, why don't you just enjoy the last of our #NBCPlayground submissions, because you've supported our habit, and because you're our friends, enjoy Idea Men!