WB2045 BONUS: The Cancelled Guide to the Unknown First Episode

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Patrons! Data-babies! Friends! As a huge THANK YOU for donating, please enjoy this: the failed pilot episode of my (Will) abandoned solo podcast The Guide to the Unknown! Listening to this show, it will likely be evident why I decided not to keep doing it, but just in case you haven't heard me talk about it on the other podcasts: I wanted to do a short, weekly podcast about horror and monsters. Every week I was going to pick a monster/legend and talk about it's origin, it's weaknesses, and it's pop-culture incarnations! The idea is still cool, I just think I was missing some mystery ingredient. But you guys decide. This show is for you! I hope you enjoy this peek behind the curtain, and I really hope you enjoy The Guide to the Unknown. For an even bigger peek behind the curtain, by the way, you might want to take a look at the release schedule I cooked up. If you didn't know I was neurotic and crazy, take a look at 3 years of podcast planning