WBKE 153 BONUS: Will Almost Joined a Cult Once

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Buckle up, this BONUS #WBKE comes with a trigger warning. The first in the history of the show: On this episode, we're getting into some pretty heavy, strange, personal territory with a couple of stories of madcap mayhem from our teenage years. We're kind of sort of tackling religion and drunk parents saying questionable things to kids. You know us: we have zero interest in offending anyone. This show is us sharing stories with each other, and quite frankly, I think we handle everything delicately and with a lot of humor! So dive in! It's definitely one for the ages. It's one just for you guys! As of this posting, we have 4 "patrons," but we know exactly who we're talking to: you guys are our buddies, and we can't thank you enough for your support. Enjoy this very odd conversation!