WBKE 155: The NBC Hoodwink!


This week on #WBKE, we're taking a squinty-eyed look back at the NBC Comedy Playground we submitted two sitcom ideas to last year! With special call-in guest John Papageorgiou, we're examining the suspicious results of the contest, while doing our damndest not to sound like sore-losers. The fact of the matter is this: that contest wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Find more of John Papageorgiou on Twitter (@papasbasement), and check out his podcast Papa's Basement, and Papa's Football Podcast, and check out his webcomic Spookies! This dude works, and it was  great having him on the show!

Also you're really going to want to become a patron of ours on Patreon, because holy shit: this week we're releasing TWO bonus episodes of WBKE (one of which is a fucking hilarious/amazing show on which we write a movie about Nicholas Cage having all the powers of all the characters he's ever played in a movie), and BOTH NBC pitch videos, not to mention an off-topic Book Club Shmook Club later in the week!

That's right, this week, a lot of shit is going down!

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