Studio Rejects BONUS: ANOTHER Ghostbusters 3!


Rejects and Patrons! THIS IS THE FIRST EVER BONUS #STUDIOREJECTS, and it's SO good that it's all yours for a limited time. Yeah, we're talking about a famous writer's Ghostbusters 3 pitch, but it's so good (and irritating) that we need the whole world to know about it, so this WILL be going up on the regular feed in one week! But we fucking love you, so please enjoy it and roll around in it, and rub it in your friends' faces while you can!

Don't know what I'm talking about! Well you, iTunes/Stitcher/Podcast App listener are lucky that we're showing you mercy. This episode was MEANT to be locked away for just people who donate to the #WB2045 Podcast Network, but this really needs to be heard by the whole world. Stop just sucking us dry, and give a little something back.


Lets freak out/geek out about Ghostbusters!

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