Studio Rejects 102: Jurassic WORLD & Jurassic Park 4 Part 3



This week on #StudioRejects, we have something GIGANTIC and WONDROUS to show you, and it's NOT a dinosaur. It's the show itself!

I don't know how to describe this week's show other than to say it's essentially THREE PODCASTS IN ONE!

We wanted to have a no-holds barred conversation about the movie, but we also wanted to make sure that people avoiding info about all the twists and turns in the film can enjoy a show about the movie. And you will. And of course, we have a script to read...

This show actually demands a table of contents.

Beginning: SPOILER FREE Jurassic World Talk

1 Hour, 8 minutes, 30 seconds in: classic Studio Rejects appears with crazy voices as we read Part 3 of Jurassic Park 4. The failed one from 2004, remember?

2 hours, 14 minutes in: HEAVY spoilers for Jurassic World! All the references, easter eggs, twists, and theories we can muster!

This show is for you, and holy shit is there a lot. Pace yourself and enjoy what is almost literally a month's worth of #StudioRejects all in one episode.

For the love of god, tell your friends, your family, your enemies, and animals about this show.

But most importantly: ENJOY hearing about dinosaurs, horror, science fiction, CHRIS PRATT, raptors, and...INDOMINOUS REX!

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