BCSC 67: The Dark Knight Returns V Batman V Superman


This week on #BCSC, buckle in, because Krissy and Willy are not only reviewing Frank Miller's iconic, game-changing comic book The Dark Knight Returns, but Zack Snyder's brand new movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice!

This might be the most action packed episode of Book Club Shmook Club of all time. We spend about an hour and a half reviewing the story of an older Bruce Wayne becoming Batman for the first time in a decade. He battles out of control mutant youths, his old nemesis The Joker (very weird version of him), before tackling Superman. Literally.

If you're hear just for our thoughts on Batman V Superman, you won't be disappointed. Starting at about 1:26:00 into the show, hear the conversation we had literally minutes after leaving the theater. We avoid spoilers at first, but after about 5 minutes, we kick into high gear and discuss every plot point!

Wow. Enjoy the show, gang! 

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