The Haunted Hunt Episode 7

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In episode 7 of The Haunted Hunt:

Will becomes a Scottish nanny in a haunted house, hunts for hidden treasure, and finds a CLUE!

ALSO, he travels to the comic book shop Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash with his sister Kristen...The Stash has a unique item on display: the skull of a serial killer known as The Prussian Kissing Devil! How did it end up there, and will it grant their wishes for 5 bucks? FIND OUT! And hear more about the skull on the podcast Tell 'em Steve-Dave!

FINALLY, Will talks with fellow hunter Jen Morley about Hunt a Killer, what got her interested in true crime in the first place (amazing), and her unbelievably cool plan for what she wants done with her body when she dies: BODY FARM!


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