The Haunted Hunt Episode 10

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In Episode 9 of The Haunted Hunt:

This week on The Haunted Hunt: Quentin Tarantino is making a movie about Charles Manson? That Amelia Earhart movie was a phony? "Battle of the Ex-Besties" is getting cancelled so the Oxygen network can do true crime all the time? What is going on?!

THEN it's the return of GUILTY PARTY! Will and his sister Kristen (@ChillinKristen) sit down to talk about the real serial killer Thomas Harris says inspired Hannibal Lecter...a man he only refers to as Dr. Salazar...but we know his real name! Is this also the origin of HaK's John William James?

FINALLY, Will is joined once again by Hunt a Killer's blogger C.W.S! The topic: how do you talk about true crime without crossing the line into exploitation? It's a real risk, and a tight rope Will happens to walk every week! 

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