CAR FRIENDS COMES HOME AGAIN Hello friendlings! All you wackpackers, you jokesters! Dingleberries! Will and Bobby are back this week with CAR FRIENDS! Now, I know it's 11 minutes of inane babble, but just keep up and watch the entire thing! We saved the best part for last wink face fart noise.

Car Friends Episode 8 - Late, but never later than that! EVERYONE! Our stupid fucking youtube show is up finally! I know you all have waited for days and days and days, but the hurricane caused me to fuck off and not touch it for a week. BUT The newest episode is great!

huzzah! Greetings from sunny/smoggy Los Angeles! SUNDAY IS GOING TO BE 90 AND IT IS BEACH DAY MOTHERFUCKERS

Car Friends - Episode 4

Hey everybody! Bobby just put Episode 3 of Car Friends up in our YouTube channel! Watch it and laugh like an asshole around 50 seconds in! [youtube]

Holy shit, so good. Subscribe and send it to your friends!

Episode 4 next week!

Announcing Will and Bobby Present: Car Friends with Will and Bobby

IT'S A BIG DAY, YOU DUMMIES! Bobby and I are excited to announce our very first video series, Car Friends with Will and Bobby. We decided to record the conversations we have when I pick Bobby up from the bus station, because those conversations are even stupider than the bullshit we say on Will and Bobby Know Everything! So kick back, relax, and watch me laugh at Bobby telling poop jokes about Batman:


I hope you guys enjoy the show, it's a weekly series, up every Wednesday! Subscribe to our YouTube channel, tell everyone you know about it, and feel free to email us your love at!