Introducing Book Club Shmook Club! A Brand New Podcast!

Hey everybody, it's me, Will, and I'm pumped to tell you that I'm featured on a brand new podcast hosted by one of my favorite WBKE guests of all time. Also one of my favorite people. Also my sister: Kristen Rogers! Book Club Shmook Club Logo

Book Club Shmook Club is somewhat what it sounds like, we'll be picking a book to read, chopping it into bits, and then discussing each bit every other Thursday!

We recorded an introduction to the show, so since I'm already explaining too much, how about I stop typing and you start listening?!

Click here for a taste of Book Club Shmook Club!

Pretty great, right? As you heard, the first book we're reading is Doctor Sleep, Stephen King's sequel to The Shining! We'll be kicking off the show proper with the first 10 chapters (that's about 54% for you e-bookers), on Thursday, November 14th, so you've got some time to grab a copy and read along.

We're going to be having a damn good time on this show, so I highly advise that you start reading, we're going to have a lot to say, and we're going to want to hear what you think, as well!

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Lost Tapes: That Cowboy...


Something like 3/4 years ago, Amanda Rich, a friend of mine, asked me (Will) if I'd help put together an audition tape for her. I wrote a little script and then decided to ask Bobby to help me out.

We threw out my script and made this.

Bobby is operating the computer in real time while Amanda is kind of telling him what to do, but mostly trying to describe what he's ACTUALLY doing.

So weird, so stupid, pretty sure it was useless for Amanda, but dammit is it funny.

WBKE - Episode 69: Daddy Daycare

HELLO WORLD! This week on WBKE: Will finds out what it's REALLY like to eat a snail, Bobby drinks toilet water, and our guest Michael Costa spills every bean in the basket about being a dad. Seriously, it's a fun show and we all want to own children some day. Like genuinely own them or have them as pets or something. OKAY!

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WBKE - Episode 61: Bobby Knows Everything

FOOLS! We're at episode 61 of Will and Bobby Know Everything! Listen as we describe the absolute horse shit that people google that gets them right to us! Listen to us talk about how much we love booze! Listen! Rate on iTunes! Tell your friends! Click here to listen!

There's a video we talk about in the course of the show. Kristen being a weirdo at the gym. I seriously can't believe this it...watch it here:



Also this week, we posted a new Studio Rejects!


And also the triumphant return of Car Friends! It's basically a video podcast of Will and Bobby Know Everything!



Love us!

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Episode 62 next week!

Game Friends - Dark Souls Episode 2!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3308AhJmL8&feature=youtu.be This week, we are two dark boys. Will continues to be delirious and not understand simple concepts of gaming YEAH!

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Bobby told me he's getting huge on Twitter and Instagram. So I went to look him up on Twitter. When I searched his name:



Well that's weird...is that a Bobby Koester parody account? ENHANCE:



Huh...well it definitely looks more like a random spam accou---WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT PICTURE? ENHANCE:



Somebody please photoshop Bobby's real face onto this guy.

WBKE - Episode 51: An Accidental Christmas Special

This week on Will and Bobby Know Everything, we're joined by Kitty Curtis to talk about how intensely disgustingly annoying I (Will) was as a kid, and then...oh wait...look at that...it's almost...okay: WELCOME TO OUR CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

We're discussing weird family traditions, the way the Santa-myth affected each one of us, and how selfish kids are. It's amazing.


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As a gift for you guys, we're also announcing our NEW SHOW STUDIO REJECTS! Coming THIS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 26th listen to Bobby and I as we read scripts that were never produced. Up first: An unfinished draft of Scream 3! It's unbelievably awful, you need to listen.

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Episode 52 next week!

This Week On Reddit: Saturday, December 22nd.

This week, someone posted a link to a youtube video where in which a man recorded 1 second of video every day for a year. Remember Noah Kalina, that weird guy with the sunken in eyes and crazy hair (hi Noah) and project where he took a photo of himself every day for something ridiculous like six years and compiled them? Set to some evocative classical music written by his girlfriend, the video was quick to make it into a goddamn hallmark commercial. This is not that video, however.No, indeed put away your Kleenex and don’t worry about locking yourself in your room to sob quietly into a pillow just like every other night. This video is much more boring. But, if you like to watch a dozen shots of an old Asian man eating dinner, some nerds playing Magic: The Gathering, a woman in a hospital for fifteen days, and then some random shots of animals that you don’t actually have enough time to focus on, and then the occasional awkward person looking at the camera, this video is for you.

In other news, someone finally solved one of the biggest quandaries mankind has been faced with for ten years. Read here all about how you shouldn't buy a dildo off of craigslist, especially if you’re gay and under 18. Strange that no one thought about not buying dildos off of craigslist before. Also look out for my cock ring etsy page coming soon.


With all of this gun violence as of late, gun control is back on reddit. Recently, as you can see in this baby here Mortal Kombat was blamed for all of the school shootings in the past twenty years. I'd like to point out that Mortal Kombat had no guns. Okay maybe that one guy had a gun in the 3rd one, but it never killed anyone? This country hasn't heard anything about gun violence since... the batman movie came out?

What people don't realize is that these are hot topics in the news for now until: 1. Nothing is done about them for too long, 2. Someone takes drugs and eats another person's face off, or 3. Some cute bear is drunk in the news. Here, some man's scary uncle Erik (see crazy Swiss metal band members who change C's to K's) finally came out and said what everyone's been thinking for years; modding your car to look like a space ship is a waste of money and also makes you look like a retard. I don't care if you have a racer-X mask, if you put a wing on a 99 Dodge Cargo Van, or if you flash gang symbols outside of the NASCAR Store (There's actually a live action version of this at a mall near my hometown. At least there was when I was 16). Isn't it a little abrasive to make sure your sport is actually written in all caps always? Also, in this gentle little post he pretty much dishes out the advice of spending the money on a set of tools and learning how the fuck your car works, which is crazy Swedish for "man up." Bullying at it's finest. Everything else sucked, but someone posted some nudes and a picture of Link from the Zelda franchise kissing Princess Zelda. Awesome. Oh, also it's the 22nd and the world didn't end yesterday, so you can all suck a bean if you spent your life savings on an apocalypse shelter. Maybe the Mayan translation for apocalypse is actually "pudgy white morons arguing about guns and Christmas."

WBKE - Episode 37: Crambeaux

YO! This week on WBKE, I air out some dirty laundry, we talk about how terrifying the internet is, and then Bobby starts crying as he tells me how much he loves magic. It's fucking so weird and funny, so check it out! Here's how:

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Episode 38 next week!

Will and Bobby Wrote Something: Part Three

Click here to start Will and Bobby Wrote Something from the beginning!

As I mentioned, Bobby and I wrote a second script for The Dead Don't Walk, which is a prequel of sorts to "The Alley," which I posted last month.

We decided at some point that we should probably show an alternate story, which would set up the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, or at least show what happened to a particular group of people when it all started. Matt Battaglia (our artist) sat down with Bobby and myself and together the three of us tried to hatch out a story.

Ultimately we ended up with the idea of office workers having a party when everything goes to hell. I'm just going to jump right into it.

Click here to read the second script for The Dead Don't Walk, titled "The Office."

With this script, we end our explanation of The Dead Don't Walk where we began. At the end of this script we create the image of Gray sitting at the base of the tree, which I posted back in Part One . That image also functions as Gray's starting point before the events that occur in "The Alley," and further show his stoic, world-weary attitude when surrounded by chaos (we also end with a president named "Jeremy Button," for some reason. Stupid).

Just to summarize this project: I love The Dead Don't Walk. I wish we hadn't accidentally ripped off The Walking Dead, and I wish that Bobby and I had just gone ahead with our plans to pitch that show.

It'll remain locked up in a vault for the time being, though, or rather it'll remain posted publicly online until the day that we decide to bring it back. Who knows, it's not impossible.

So that ends The Dead Don't Walk, and now we move on to the third show that Bobby and I ever created.

It is by far the most out-there concept we've ever come up with.

Here's the story of the show Edinburg Falls.

Knowing that we couldn't use The Dead Don't Walk as a show to backup our comedy series, Bobby and I had to come up with something new. We still didn't want to create a second comedy show, and our attempt at horror failed, so we landed on an idea for a mystery series.

We decided at first to feature a writer as our main character, who, at the urging of his editor, goes away to the small mid-west town of Edinburg in an effort to creatively recharge himself.

Bobby and I had long conversations about what should be wrong with the town. At one point ghosts were involved, at another point a murderer was at large, and then ultimately we landed on a genius (I'm serious) idea: Edinburg would be the origination point for American folklore.

Bobby and I went online and studied every kind of American monster we could. At first we assumed we'd find a lot of monsters like Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and the Bogeyman, but mostly all we found were interesting creatures with laughably bad names, like the Squonk.

Regardless, we found enough intriguing monsters to make it worth our while, so we started writing. We created a first episode where our hero, terrified by prophetic visions brought on by monsters, tries to leave. As he reaches the towns limit, a wall of stone appears to rise from the ground, locking the town of Edinburg away from the rest of the world.

Bobby and I laid out a general concept that would take us through five seasons of Edinburg Falls. We explained where the monsters came from, we explained what happens to our characters, and most importantly, we explained the flabbergastingly dumb reason why the wall of stone appeared.

I'll leave the full treatment until next month (which pretty much lays out the entire show), but until then, take a look at this drawing I made of the town, and see if you can find the horrible explanation for the town's isolation (and also read a little bit of insane background):

Click here to view the Edinburg Falls town diagram.

That's right, a wall of stone didn't rise out of the ground, the entire town sank into the ground, because (seriously, we wrote this), the town of Edinburg is resting on the head of a giant screw.

More about Edinburg Falls over in Part Four! Click here! Or take a quick detour by checking out spec script we wrote for Arrested Development in Part Three.Five!