Guide to the Unknown 1: Boogeyman & Banshees

Welcome to Guide to the Unknown, where we put our obsession with horror and monsters to good use! Every Friday, we'll have another episode packed with frights and laughs ready for you to enjoy either on YouTube or as an audio-only podcast!

To start things off, we're bringing out the big guns: legendary creatures.

The Boogeyman has been the fear of children for hundreds of years! But do you even know who he is?

Banshees. Wailing, screaming, crying. You may think you know what they look like, but do you have any idea why they do what they do?

Find out on the first ever, fear-tastic episode of GUIDE TO THE UNKNOWN!

And the fun doesn't stop once the show ends! RIGHT NOW, you can go listen to episodes 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the show! They're ALL available!!

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