Guide to the Unknown 10: Secret UFO Program & Toynbee Tiles

In Episode 10 of Guide to the Unknown:

Will shares the breaking story of a long-hidden US Government program to study unidentified flying objects! For real, the NEW YORK TIMES covered the story of how the Department of Defense snuck millions of dollars to fund research about UFOs. In real life. And they found stuff. Also, the band Blink 182 is a bigger part of the story than you might think!

Kristen blows the lid off with the cryptic history of TOYNBEE TILES! For over 40 years, HUNDREDS of mosaic tiles have been found embedded in the streets of Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. They all carry the same message about resurrecting the dead on planet Jupiter...No one has ever seen one being installed, but Kristen has done her research, and she knows EXACTLY who/what/how/when, and MAYBE why.

This story has a shocking twist ending that takes Will and Kristen out of the studio!

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