Guide to the Unknown 105: Disney's Haunted Mansion(s)

On Episode 104 of Guide to the Unknown:

Welcome to my mansion. I think you’re gonna like it!

00:00 - Shocking news on Will’s birthday: they’re making a new Scream movie! Help us find some #JusticeForGhostface and some #GhosticeForJustface, because #WillAndKristenAreSCREAMing. Please let us be involved, Spyglass Entertainment. For those of you out of the loop, read my Scream reboot script and treatment on!

2:55 - Kristen gets the party started with some fun and games for Will’s 33rd birthday!

14:27 - Will digs deeper into The Haunted Mansion! Not only the attraction but the story and a lot of the fan spin-offs!

49:37 - Kristen explores the international attractions in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Paris! From the Mystic Manor to the Phantom Manor. It’s unreal.


[4K] Tokyo Disneyland Haunted Mansion Ride 2016

New FULL RIDE POV Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris

[4K] Mystic Manor - Trackless Ride - Best Disney Ride Ever - Hong Kong Disneyland 2016

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