Guide to the Unknown 15: The Eucleian Society & Cicada 3301

In Episode 15 of Guide to the Unknown:

After a couple more 2-Sentence Horror Stories, written by fellow podcasters, Kristen and William dive into a new topic: SECRET SOCIETIES!

Kristen learned about an old NYU club/secret society/frat called The Eucleian Society. Displeased with how they were being taught, a group of young men formed their own group, where they could learn a new way...Though the group eventually disbanded, mysterious fliers began popping up on campus back in 2010. It seems someone is trying to bring The Eucleian Society back from the dead...

Will definitely didn't get recruited by a secret NSA/CIA/Cyber Mercenary group called Cicada 3301, but he really wishes he had! In 2012, mysterious images began popping up online, revealing a cryptic game, the prize for which is unknown to this day. Some say it was a secret government recruitment program. We may never know for sure. At least there's a cool escape room in Greece based on it!

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