Guide to the Unknown 25: Scary Head Monsters (Rokurokubi) & The Dybbuk Box

In Episode 25 of Guide to the Unknown:

Bite Sized Monster Madness is back in full force! Not only does a Kitchen Witch fly in, but Will learns he's been haunted/hunted by a Rokurokubi since he was just a boy! These severed-head ghosts are terrifying! Some of them have long, windy necks, too. Kinda reminds me of The Green Ribbon story that the guy from Scary Stories to tell in the Dark that enough buzz words?

And Kristen explains the truly chilling history of THE DYBBUK BOX! I honestly don't want to take a single thing away from her amazing telling of the story, so I'll just say an old woman wanted to be buried with a curious cabinet...and her granddaughter didn't do it. It sounds like this woman didn't want the Dybbuk Box to terrorize anyone else. But the box won...And then Zak Bagans came along.

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