Guide to the Unknown 43: Paranormal Berkshires

In Episode 43 of Guide to the Unknown:

Kristen and William are on vacation! In visiting one of our favorite places on the planet, The Berkshires in Massachusettes, we realized we've never looked into whether or not there's any local paranormal history.

And boy is there. Ghosts, aliens, and mysterious footsteps haunted every minute of our stay in town. From Bish Bash Falls to the Wharton House, we learned a lot of spooky facts!

Correction corner: Will says Bish Bash killed herself. She didn't. She was declared an adulterer and murdered. This will make sense when you see/hear the show.

Technical note: there are a few A/V issues in this episode, but we'll be back up to our typical high standards next week, when we record in our studio! Enjoy some bizarre visuals in the YouTube version to compensate!

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