Guide to the Unknown 79: Lorraine Warren's Dolls & The Apocalypse

On Episode 79 of Guide to the Unknown:

To celebrate the life and loss of famed demon hunter Lorraine Warren, Kristen takes us on a tour of the terrifying dolls all houses under one roof! The Doll of Shadows, The Satanic Idol, and The Deaf Dolls. Maybe cover your Cabbatch Patch Doll’s ears…

Will spreads his arms and embraces the end of times. Lets talk about all those times the world was supposed to end. Scootch over, Mayans. Can it, Rasputin. Make way for Lynn Gellert (Jenny Slate), and the upcoming release of:

EARTH BREAK: A Few Suggestions For Survival, With Additional Hints and Tips About How to Make Yourself More Comfortable During the Alien Apocalypse!

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