Guide to the Unknown 88: The Georgia Guidestone & Local Haunts NJ

On Episode 88 of Guide to the Unknown:

0:21 - We are pleased to introduce you to The Long Hallway! A new flash fiction horror podcast directed by Will! Every Tuesday and Thursday there’ll be a new spooky/odd/frightening story under 10 minutes long! Get it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or, you know, wherever!

02:35 - Kristen directs our attention to a fascinating landmark that, for some reason, has been ignored! Introducing The Georgia Guidestone! It was built by people who hit their identity for the purpose of…what? Presumably aiding future humans after some sort of apocalyptic event? This sucker is incredible.

34:42 - Will looked up a list of haunted places nearby, thanks to! Each one of these places is a few miles away from where Kristen and William do the show. At most! The best part? The comments: a mix of weird made up stories and charming homespun horror. Here are the spots discussed: Piscatawaytown Burial Ground. Van Wickle House. Abandoned Warehouses. The Conference House (AKA The Billop House). Wallace House. Ayers Allen House…love that psychic cat.

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