Guide to the Unknown 90: The Conjuring

On Episode 90 of Guide to the Unknown:

Kristen unveils a new show: Dearly Departed Pop! On the first thursday of the month, hang out as Kristen livestreams about shows and movies that are no longer with us! The first episode will be all about Harper’s Island, a whodunnit show from 2009! Keep up with Dearly Departed Pop on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Then we dig into the true story behind The Conjuring! The Perron family lived in a haunted house on Rhode Island for ten years! Was it the terrifying ghost of Bathsheba Thayer? Ed and Lorraine Warren certainly thought so! We dig into the real story, and the things the movie changed, before transitioning to…Zak Bagans. Again. Of course. Because we have to.

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