Guide to the Unknown 94: The Conjuring 3?

On Episode 94 of Guide to the Unknown:

We’re predicting the future! There’s been a LOT of speculation as to what The Conjuring 3 will be about. Will Ed and Lorraine Warren be battling a werewolf?


1:16 - Kristen shares a listener’s experience attending a dinner with the subjects of the upcoming film, and explains the strange entertainment news mess!

27:27 - Will explains the true events! Back in 1981, young David Glatzel was possessed by a demon…Arne Johnson provoked this beast…and was later charged with murder. Let’s connect the spooky dots!


Cinema Blend article, "Could The Conjuring 3 be about Werewolves? Here's what James Wan Thinks"

 Bloody Disgusting, "Producer Says The Conjuring 3 Will Be a Very Different Film"

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New York Times, “Defendant in a Murder Puts the Devil on Trial”

"One-eyed Maestro" Kevin MacLeod (
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