Guide to the Unknown 97: Spooky Clowns

On Episode 96 of Guide to the Unknown:

We aren't done with clowns!

0:45 - Before we dig in, we want to let you all know that we’ve revamped our Patreon page! If you go to, you can sign up to be one of our first NETHERWORLD WARRIORS, and gain access to EXCLUSIVE material from us! Kicking off the party, we’ve created a Patreon-specific podcast called GTTU’s Netherworld Dispatch, a spin-off of sorts, and Episode 1 is all about the movie IT: Chapter 2! We both saw it, and we have a LOT to say about it, so go become a Netherworld Warrior (starting at $4 a month, but you can change it to be whatever you want)! MORE ON THE WAY!

4:15 - The Clown party begins with a quick list of some of the famous clowns that Will DIDN’T research! It’s a list full of gross weirdos like that clown from Spawn, some Rob Zombie stuff, and, of course, a Seinfeld favorite! Oh, and of course John Wayne Gacy’s Pogo the Clown.

Time for some deep dives!

12:34 - Zeebo the Clown from Are You Afraid of the Dark! (read more here:

18:37 - Adam the Clown from the video game Dead Rising (so cool) (read more here:

24:51 - “The Clown” from the video game Dead By Daylight (read the mega-story here:

Oh, real quick: #JusticeForGhostface

36:10 - Ronald McDonald from the popular fast-food chain McDonald’s (seriously…read more here:

40:23 - Honorable mention goes to Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story (gross, read more here:

43:08 - The capper. The winners of the “Whoa, Is This Actually Cool” award: Killer Klowns From Outer Space! Should we watch this movie? It seems kind of rad! (read more:

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