Guide to the Unknown 98: Crop Circles

On Episode 98 of Guide to the Unknown:

0:21 - Real quick, a huge THANKS to everyone who backed us on our our Patreon page! SO many of you hit us up on, and became Netherworld Warriors, and it means the world to us! DOUBLE thanks to everyone who helped us get our numbers up on Apple Podcasts! Positive reviews make us look good, and we have you to thank for that!

1:57 - We give an update on the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, founded by Blink 182’s Tom Delonge! The Navy has confirmed their evidence. Say what?! Read more:

6:44 - To get to the crop circles, we dig into the inspiration for this episode: M. Night Shyamalan’s movie SIGNS! We’re big fans!

15:36 - Will dives into the origins of crop circles, including famous sightings, and how people believe they’re formed! For more on crop circles: For more on “The Mowing-Devil:”

34:40 - Kristen shares the AMAZING story of Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, the two men seemingly responsible for our modern interpretation of crop circles! It was them, they did it all, and the story is bonkers in the best possible way. I love it, and I want someone to hire us to make a movie about it. NOW. Read all about it here:; here:; and here:

Oh, and lest you think we forgot: #JusticeForGhostface

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