Guide to the Unknown 99: Stonehenge

On Episode 99 of Guide to the Unknown:

0:43 - One of our listeners, Carolyn, sent us some of her incredible artwork, inspired by a bit from a couple weeks ago (#GhosticeForJustface)! Check out the video version to SEE these amazing pieces, and then immediately hit up Velvet Hand Designs on Etsy to get some pieces of your own!

4:41 - Tickets are NOW AVAILABLE for our live show at Pino’s in Highland Park, NJ! On October 27th at 6pm, we’ll be performing in front of a room full of people, talking about infamously haunted places in NJ! Come meet us in person, hang out, and have fun!!

7:00 - Kristen shares the odd, long history of Stonehenge! When was it built, how, and for what purpose!? Their are NUMEROUS theories, but no one knows the true answer…well, no one but Krissy!

29:29 - Will looks at some of the modern discoveries about Stonehenge! Including conspiracy theories, scientific discoveries, and proof from some guy who built his very own ‘henge! Watch the video of him doing it, it’s insane!

42:46 - Finally, lets talk about some of the insane movies that reference Stonehenge! This list OBVIOUSLY includes Halloween III: Season of the Witch AND Troll 2! Not to mention This is Spinal Tap!

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