Studio Rejects: Arrested Development - The Queen Mary

Arrested Development - The Queen Mary Spec Script - PUBLIC - William Rogers and Robert Koester SQUARE.jpg

Hey guys, I'm really excited for this week's show. At least three years ago, Bobby and I wrote a spec script of Arrested Development as a way to show both our writing ability and our ability to match the "voice," of any show. While spec scripts are really common among aspiring writers, they are, essentially, fan fiction, and that is especially true for us, as we're both pretty rabid fans of this show. We tried to write an episode that could kind of/sort of take place after the end of the third season, but the way the show ends changes almost everything, so just try to push the continuity issues aside and enjoy this weird, funny script. And our bad acting. I still think we did a pretty damn good job. Anyway, click here to listen to Arrested Development - The Queen Mary!

Click here to read along with us!


Or click here to read a bit more of why we wrote this in the first place!

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Enjoy Season 4 of Arrested Development, coming this Sunday! I can't wait.

A brand new long-form movie begins next week!