IllumiNaughty: Night of the Twisted Men


Kristen Rogers-Anderson has always had an interest in the world of the supernatural, and she's decided she'd like to conduct an investigation. Aided reluctantly by her friends Will & Bobby, Kristen goes looking for trouble. And trouble finds her.

What started as a fun examination of the paranormal quickly turns into a dark investigation of a serial killing that might be a demonic ritual.

It's TalkBomb's Halloween Special!

Turn off the lights, close your eyes, and enjoy!

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(Theme song by Kevin MacLeod)

Studio Rejects: The No Show

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This week on Studio Rejects: Almost literally nothing! Bobby is sick, computerized, and so we're taking this week off, you guys, but please take this as an opportunity to dig into our back catalogue! Have you checked out Prometheus or Scream 3??

Seriously, sorry guys, we'll have more I, Robot for you next week!

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Part Two next week! WE PROMISE!

WBKE 105.5: Spiders or Something


This week! Bobby is sick and stuck inside a computer! So, essentially: This week! Nothing!

Sorry guys, no show this week, but instead, dig into our archives with either Gold Cobra or Well...Cats and we'll see you back here next week!

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Episode 106 Next Week! SERIOUSLY!