BCSC 82: Legion (Sequel to The Exorcist) Part One


This week on #BCSC, we just couldn't stay away, we HAD to court the dark arts once more. We're reading LEGION, William Peter Blatty's sequel to THE EXORCIST!

If you have any reservations about reading a scary book, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! This book isn't scary in the slightest! As a matter of fact it's not even really anything! It's...good? I guess? It's definitely weird. It's more about how weird evolution is than it is about murder and demons and stuff!

Bizarre! But we kinda like it!

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Game Friends: Resident Evil VII BioHazard Demo, Slender, Alien: Isolation!

After recording WBKE 212, Will and Bobby decided to finally fire up the new Resident Evil 7 demo! It looks like Capcom is trying to pick up the broken pieces of Silent Hills, but did they do anything interesting with them?

Find out!

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WBKE 206: HD Scary Horror YouTube Movie FULL


This week on #WBKE, Will and Bobby are trapped in a world of horror!

The Ring vs. The Grudge! The Conjuring 2! Bad Daddy! LIGHTS OUT!

This week we're pretty seriously taking a look at indie horror! For real! I mean, we're still dumb as shit, but this is actually pretty legit!

WATCH our reaction to The Ring vs. The Grudge!

BCSC 69: Carrie Part 2


This week on #BCSC, we're back after taking a week off for a family emergency!

It's time to finally dump that bucket of pig blood on poor Carrie White! How will she handle it? I bet she'll be really chill and understand that the kids who did it to her are troubled.

Or she'll murder everyone.

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BCSC 68: Carrie Part 1


This week on #BCSC, hooboy, it's time to...get bullied? With Carrie?

Is that an exciting way to set up that we're reading one of the most iconic horror books in Stephen King's catalogue?

Well deal with it guys, because in this week's episode, we're tackling bullying, and also talking about weird witchy shit a bit! ENJOY!

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Player Zero: Until Dawn Part 1

#PLAYERZERO is BACK, and for the first time, we're playing a full game! This is Part 1 of the 2015 hit horror game Until Dawn! Neither one of us knows much of anything about the game, other than it's evidently supposed to feel like you're playing through a slasher movie.

Guys with machetes, zombies, sharp knives, looks like we have a terrifying journey ahead of us.

But it's off to a slow start. Krissy basically murders a couple women and then she throws snowballs at a guy for a while!

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Player Zero: Five Nights at Freddy's

On a haunted new episode of Player Zero, Kristen and Will play one of the hottest horror games to hit the net since...I dunno...Slender?

At first they're bored...but then...oh then they're scared.

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Studio Rejects 133: The Texas Chainsaw Conclusion Part 4 - THE END



This week on #StudioRejects, it's time to put the chainsaw down! Will and Bobby have made it to the podcast convention, but so have Chop Top and Leatherface! Will a bloodbath ensue? If so, will our favorite maniacs get away with their heinous crime!?

We want to once again thank UH Jocke Pokkee Johannsson for his amazing work on this script, and we want to wish you guys a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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BCSC 56: The Silence of the Lambs Part 2


This week on #BCSC, we're putting the lady suit back in the closet and closing the book on The Silence of the Lambs! More praise for Tony Hopkins' acting! More talk about how fucking scary Buffalo Bill is! More wishing that Bryan Fuller would get to adapt this story himself!

Oh god you guys...this book is amazing.


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IllumiNaughty: Night of the Twisted Men


Kristen Rogers-Anderson has always had an interest in the world of the supernatural, and she's decided she'd like to conduct an investigation. Aided reluctantly by her friends Will & Bobby, Kristen goes looking for trouble. And trouble finds her.

What started as a fun examination of the paranormal quickly turns into a dark investigation of a serial killing that might be a demonic ritual.

It's TalkBomb's Halloween Special!

Turn off the lights, close your eyes, and enjoy!

Want more IllumiNaughty? We released a 2 hour long commentary track (basically the Making Of) exclusively on Patreon! Support TalkBomb and hear us laugh and go wild while recording the show!

(Theme song by Kevin MacLeod)

Studio Rejects 132: The Texas Chainsaw Conclusion Part 3



This week on #StudioRejects we put on a new leather face and a new network name: TALKBOMB!

Oh, also we're tossing giant gross sacks of meat all over the table in part 3 of this Texas Chainsaw fan script! It's getting eeeeeeven weirder somehow! Prepare yourself!

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The founders of The WB2045 Podcast Network have unleashed their first ever holiday show! Join @WillRogers2000, @BobbyKoester, and @KrissyPajamas for a podcast about the nature of Halloween, the fools who hate it, and the satanists who worship it! This special episode takes the WB2045 crew to Hell, and to a town full of ghouls and witches! And also to Urkel's house!