Hungry Snake

Scary Story Time: August 2012

Hey guys, I know I'm a day late with this month's Scary Story Time, but deal with it, I've been globe trotting. Well...I flew to Oregon. As a matter of fact, it was a horror story in and of itself, one which I'll be writing about in the next few days. But that's not why you're here. This is: Quick disclaimer: I’m a really big fan of horror movies and scary stories. Recently I’ve been finding a lot of interesting little scary stories written anonymously by people on the internet, so I decided to start sharing some of the ones I like. You should know, before you read on, that I did not write any of these stories, unless otherwise noted. You should also know that I won’t always be posting stories that I enjoy 100%. There could be a ten-page story that I post because I like one sentence of it. In that case, I assume I’ll explain why I posted horse-shit and what merit I see in it. Sometimes, I’ll post “scary” stories that I hate, think are stupid, or maybe even funny. But more than that, you should really know that some of these stories may be somewhat graphic, so just steel yourself for anything, especially poor spelling and grammar (I don’t edit these stories). No matter what, though, I hope you enjoy them too, and if you know any stories or sources, please share them with me. Also, if you have any requests, just ask, I have a huge archive of this stuff!

So without much further ado, I'm going to post three stories this month, because each one is very short. These particular stories are interesting though, because they're among the first anonymously written scary stories I ever saw online. They're the stories that got me interested in scouring the internet for more. So lets get to it:

Don't Worry About It

You're slowly stirred awake by the distant ringing as the phone beside your bed pulls you out of your dreams. Your thoughts gather themselves and you groan, reaching over to answer. As soon as you place the phone to your ear, you're greeted by the background noise consisting of twisted screams. There were people in agonizing pain begging for help or death, not that the interference allows you to hear any individual voice clearly enough. "Get out of the house now!" The call ends abruptly after what you could have sworn was a voice from closer to you than on the other end. You shift yourself to the side of the bed, sighing while rubbing your eyes. A call this startling and this early in the morning would keep you awake. Your wife shuffles to the side, apparently also woken by the call. She wraps her arms around you and gives a light kiss on the neck. "Don't worry about it." Her half-asleep mumble calms you down somewhat. Just as you're about to place the phone down, it rings again. You fumble slightly and drop it. Instead, you feel your wife's arms tighten around you, preventing you from leaning forward. It's then you notice a subtle difference between the arms around you and the familiarity of your wife's. "He's too late to save you anyway."

The End

Spooky. That one might seem stupid to you, but it kind of gets me. No matter what, I think we'll all agree that this next one is fucking completely stupid:

Hungry Snake

There was a couple from Florida who owned a python. It was a very large snake and they’ve had it for a while so they did not put it in a cage and they let it be free in the house. The couple started to become concerned when the snake stopped eating. All the snake would do is lay around and occasionally it would slither onto their bed and stretch its body out. They finally decided to take the snake to the veterinarian because it would not eat anything, even its favorite meals. They doctor did a thorough exam and turned to the couple and said: "You need to get rid of this snake immediately. It has been refusing his food because it’s getting ready to eat you. When it stretches out he’s measuring how tall you are and if he can fit you in his body."

The End

See? It's definitely one of the dumbest scary stories I've posted so far, but it follows a rule of scary stories that I really like. I love it when a scary story ends with a character suddenly revealing an obvious truth. I've posted stories before that end with a character basically saying: GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! THE THING YOU THOUGHT WAS HARMLESS IS DEFINITELY NOT! So do with that what you will. Anyway, I'll end now with a legitimately solid story:

The Bells

Two young girls were best friends. One day they were chatting casually and the conversation turned unexpectedly to the afterlife, wondering if there was such a thing. So, they made a little promise, whoever goes first would ring a bell from the other side to tell the other. They then bought a pair of bells.

Several years later, one of them died in a traffic accident. In the memorial service, faint bell sounds were heard. The friend was happy that she remembered her promise, and that there is someplace they might meet again someday.

… Then the sound became feverish as if the ringer was in a panic.

The End

Kaboom. What a nice little story. It's clever and atmospheric and just overall well done. It's one of the stories that I think Bobby would really like. Because he basically hates all of these.

Anyway, I think that's it for this month's Scary Story Time, so let me just tease you with a fun idea I had. Bobby and I are going to be spreading out into a new medium pretty soon, and I'm thinking of some new ways to do Scary Story Time. Maybe you'll be able to listen to me tell you one soon!

Thanks for reading, guys, I hope you enjoyed the stories, and feel free to talk about them or send me some either in the comments or at!

See you next month!